Information for Overseas Agents

This page contains information for agents that are interested in supplying applicants for the hotel and catering sector in the UK. We are always interested to hear from agencies that are looking to form new partnerships with our agency based in the UK.

Established in 1993, Anglo Continental Placements (ACP) has an expanding client base made up of quality UK hospitality businesses wanting to employ bright, young talented staff eligible to work in the UK. If your agency is attracting high calibre applicants that are keen to secure a job in the UK, ACP can offer great employment opportunities.

With 23 years’ experience ACP can deliver a professional and efficient service and have created lucrative partnerships with many overseas agencies. ACP believe in the personal touch and like to develop close relationships with our agents. Our clients expect a fast and reliable service from our offices and we need our agents to provide us with an equally fast and reliable service. If you think that your agency is able to meet these high levels of service then please read on.

Foreign Nationals

If you are looking to place staff from a country that requires visa entry to the UK, we expect your staff to complete all the necessary paperwork and secure the visa before we can accept the applicant. Once it has been verified that the legal paperwork is all in order you will need to send us the applicant’s file.

Please note that ACP do not organise, or get involved in organising, any applicants visas or work permits. This is the responsibility of your agency.


European Union (EU)

Nationals of countries in the EU are eligible to work in the UK so we are able to freely accept applicants from these countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can our applicants expect to be placed?

Our clients range from corporate five star hotels to family run bed and breakfasts, from independent hoteliers to major hotel chains and from gastro pubs to high street restaurant chains. Our clients are spread across the UK in both rural and urban areas.

If an applicant is looking to be placed in a certain area of the UK it is important to inform them that it may take longer to place them than if they were open to travelling anywhere in the country. We prefer applicants to keep an open mind as to their geographical location.

What type of roles are you looking to fill?

We supply our clients with waiting, bar, housekeeping and kitchen staff, receptionists, porters, chefs and management.

Do the applicants need direct experience?

Our clients prefer the applicants to have had some hospitality experience. However, we do appreciate that younger applicants/school leavers may like to apply. Younger and unqualified applicants need to be made aware that it may take longer to secure them a placement.

How much will I be paid per week?

If you are legally employed in the UK you will be paid the National Minimum Wage. This is a two-tiered system, with one rate for those over 22 years and another for those between 18 and 21 years of age. For current information on the national minimum wage please here.

Do the applicants need to speak fluent English?

The applicants do not necessarily need to speak fluent English. We appreciate that applicants may want to come to the UK to learn or improve their English language skills, however, the applicant’s English competency may ultimately determine the job they are able to take on.

Positions that put staff in direct contact with the general public require a good level of English in order that applicants can perform their duties in a professional capacity. Applicants with a lower level of English need to be willing to accept ‘behind the scenes’ roles such as housekeeping and kitchen porter.

We ask agents operating out of countries where English is not the first language that their candidates undergo an English test as part of the application process.

How long are the placements for?

All placements are for a minimum of six months, unless negotiated otherwise.

Do the jobs come with live-in accommodation?

Mostly. Placements sourced through ACP mostly provide live in accommodation (either on site or in-staff housing close to the establishment) and some establishments may provide meals.

Will the applicant need to sign anything prior to travelling to the UK to commence employment?

Yes. Once a client has expressed interest in an applicant they will fill in and return a Confirmation of Employment form. This is a simple one page document in which the employer enters data confirming details of employment for the applicant. We will forward the Confirmation of Employment to your agency so you can present it to the applicant. If the applicant accepts the position and the conditions of employment, they sign the document and return it to our offices.

What happens next?

Agents/applicants need to book a flight to the UK, ensuring arrival for the start date as specified on the Confirmation of Employment and pass those details on to our office. We will inform the Client that the applicant has accepted the position and of their due arrival date. We will prepare UK travel details so applicants know exactly how to reach the establishment from their destination airport. All travel costs are to be met by the applicant. The placement process is then complete.

Feel free to drop us an email or contact us by phone for an informal chat – we are always happy to answer questions and discuss any queries you may have.