Information for Applicants

If you are seeking employment in the hotel and catering industry in the UK, Anglo Continental Placements (ACP) may have just the job you’re looking for!

We are a professionalfriendly team dedicated to finding staff jobs, within all sectors of the hotel and catering industry. With over 23 years of experience we work with many top employers allowing us to match applicants with jobs up and down the United Kingdom. We will guide you through your job search and do our utmost to secure you employment within the profession of your choice. All jobs are subject to current UK employment legislation.

We welcome applications from UK Nationals as well as EU/Foreign Nationals; we can offer an array of positions nationwide and have links to employers that are always on the look out for the right high calibre, dedicated staff to fill a wide range of roles within the hospitality industry.

If you are a hospitality student we could offer you the first step on your career ladder, giving you the opportunity to put your skills into practice and live and breathe the life you have been studying for.

If you are experienced in the hospitality sector, we can find you the right position with the opportunity for progression.

Whatever your catering experience, if you are seeking a change, contact us for an informal chat and see what we could offer you.

Click here for info on EU/Foreign Nationals working in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to find a job in the UK?

Minimum age to apply for a job via Anglo Continental is 18 years.

Are the jobs permanent?

All placements are for a minimum of six months.

What type of role can I expect Anglo Continental to find me?

We concentrate on placing front line staff in hotel and catering establishments, filling positions including waiting, bar, housekeeping, kitchen staff, receptionists, porters, chefs and management.

How much will I be paid per week?

If you are legally employed in the UK you will be paid the National Minimum Wage. This is a two-tiered system, with one rate for those over 21 years old and another for those between 18 and 20 years of age. For current information on the national minimum wage please click here

Will I be employed by Anglo Continental?

No. The establishment that offers you the job will employ you. Anglo Continental acts solely as a placement agency.

What about the accommodation?

The type and location of the accommodation will depend on the establishment. The majority of our clients offer staff quarters on the premises, however, some own properties in the area local to their establishments which they use to house their staff. You will receive full details of the accommodation prior to commencing your job.

Will I have to provide my own uniform?

Again this depends on the establishment. We will advise you on the establishment’s requirements once we have secured you a job. If a uniform is not provided, as a general rule applicants will be asked to bring smart black trousers / skirt, white shirt / blouse and formal black shoes.

Will Anglo Continental charge me for finding me a job?

No, there is no charge made to the applicant for the service we provide.